The Prophet(saw) said: "Part of someone being a good Muslim is his leaving alone that which does not concern him."


We have Fateha processions for community members who have passed away.  Any upcoming processions will be scheduled and included in our Calendar of events


During the month of Ramadan, we hold iftars from the first day to the last day of Ramadan.  Every day we are booking sponsor for community Iftar at the Masjid, Spon...

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Paypal Charges Masjid Hazrat-i-Abubakr (2.9% + 0.30) USD in fees.
Please add the additional amount if you want to pay in full, Insha'Allah.

Prayer Timings (Jul/Aug 2017)

07/01 07/10 4:45AM
07/11 07/31 5:00AM
08/01 08/10 5:15AM
08/11 08/20 5:30AM
08/21 08/31 5:45AM

Always - 1:30 PM

07/01 08/15 6:30PM
08/16 08/31 6:15PM

2 minutes after SUNSET

07/01 07/10 10:30PM
07/11 07/31 10:15PM
08/01 08/10 10:00PM
08/11 08/20 9:45PM
08/21 08/31 9:30PM

Always - 01:00 PM

Friday Program:
1:00PM - Speech(in English) by Guest Speaker.
1:30PM - Second Azan, Khutbah(in Arabic) & Jumma Prayer.

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