The Prophet(saW) said: "Every Ummah (people) has a test to undergo, my Ummah will be tried through their wealth."

Classes are held on the following days:

  • Islamic classes for children: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to Zuhr
  • Quranic classes for children: Monday through Thursday starting with Asr Prayer and Ending with Maghrib Prayer
  • Tafseer and Tajweed for all: Everday after Maghrib Prayer
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Prayer Timings (Oct/Nov 2017)

10/21 11/05 6:45AM
11/06 11/15 5:45AM
11/16 11/30 6:00AM

Always - 1:30 PM

10/21 10/31 5:00PM
11/01 11/05 4:45PM
11/06 11/15 3:45PM
11/16 11/30 3:30PM

2 minutes after SUNSET

10/21 10/05 8:00PM
11/06 11/30 7:45PM

Always - 01:00 PM

Friday Program:
1:00PM - Speech(in English) by Guest Speaker.
1:30PM - Second Azan, Khutbah(in Arabic) & Jumma Prayer.

** Daylight saving starts on Sunday, November 5th
Spring ahead: The clocks are set forward one hour during Spring ahead.

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